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Congress on freshwater ecology in protected natural spaces

from awarness to application

02/08/2012 - 02/10/2012
From 8th to 10th February 2012 Txingudi Ekoetxea will be holding the Congress on Freshwater Ecology in Protected Natural Spaces, organized by the Basque Environmental, Territorial Planning, Agriculture and Fishing Department and URA the Basque Water Agency.
Txingudi Wetlands Plaiaundi Ecological Park
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The different topics proposed in this congress on Freshwater Ecology in Protected Natural Spaces, are oriented towards bases comprising Applied Ecology, with the understanding that development of the different concepts and models in basic ecological research is a sine qua non condition for its advance, yet evidently insufficient. Thus the aim of the congress is to foster speeches on ecology applied to management and handling of freshwater wetlands, and those on different research lines currently in progress at different Protected Natural Spaces.


Txingudi Bay is the best example of the marsh environment in Gipuzkoa. Its values have been rewarded with acknowledgements like: Wetlands of International Importance (RAMSAR Convention), Special Area of Conservation for Birds, and Site of Community Importance.

The Congress will be held at Txingudi Ekoetxea, the interpretation centre focused on Txingudi Wetlands, where research, awareness, and environmental dissemination works carried out there, are centralized. The Centre belongs to the network of equipments of environmental education of the Basque Government.

Since they started, one of the main areas of work of this team has been and is the monitorization and management of habitats and the species residing there, leading to valuable information for improving the execution of these tasks. By way of example the proposal of an Early Warning System to detect cyanobacteria Blooms carried out in 2010 is worthy of mention.


Wednesday 8th February


9:30 a.m. –  1:00 p.m.      

Reception of attendees and handing out documentation.

Inaugural conference. Pilar Unzalu, Minister of Environment, Territorial Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries, Basque Government.

Inauguration of the exhibition “Odonata. Water wings” by Iñaki Mezkita

Guided visit through the Txingudi Wetlands.


3:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.       

TOPIC 1: Global change and alteration of the species aquatic cycle. Moderator: Germán Alonso.

Consequences of global warming on continental aquatic systems. Brian Moss.  Director of the Biological Sciences Faculty of LiverpoolUniversity.

Vulnerability of aquatic ecosystems against global change factors. Presentation Carrillo Lechuga. Department of Ecology. Granada University.

TOPIC 2: Ecology applied to management and handling of freshwater systems. Moderator: José Mª Sanz de Galdeano.

The role of toxic microalgae in Doñana National Park and their impact on the massive deaths of aquatic birds: early warning network and management strategies. Eduardo Costas. Madrid Complutense University.

Wetland management in Peñalara Natural Park. Ignacio Granados. Peñalara Natural Park Research and Management Centre. Community of Madrid.

Thursday 9th February


9:30 a.m. –  1:00 p.m.      

TOPIC 3: Environmental indicators. Moderator: Iñaki Mezquita.

Freshwater invertebrates: monitorization and assessment of ecological state. Antonio Torralba. OviedoUniversity Energy, Environment and Climate Change Cluster.

Aquatic birds as wetland bioindicators. Andy J. Green. Department of Applied Biology, Doñana Biological Station, Senior Council of Scientific Research.

TOPIC 4: New challenges in water ecology research. Moderator: Iñaki Urrizalki.

Resurrection ecology: Egg banks resistant to lacustrine sediment and population regeneration. José Mª Conde Porcuna. Department of Ecology. Granada University.

Role of coastal wetlands in the CO2 exchange with atmosphere: contribution of Doñana National Parkaquatic compartment. Gabriel Navarro. Andalusian Institute of Marine Sciences. CSIC.


3:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.       

TOPIC 5: Invading exotic species. Moderator: Alberto Luengo.

Doñana, a wetland laboratory open to the world. Fernando Hiraldo Cano. Doñana Biological Station. Senior Council of Scientific Research.


Showing of the documentary “Invaders”. Luis Miguel Domínguez.

Closing conference, Arantza Leturiondo, Deputy Minister of Environment and Iñaki Atxukarro, Deputy Minister of Territorial Planning and Water, Basque Government.

Friday 10th February


Technical visit – Salinas de Añana.


There will be an exhibition of posters during the Congress on studies and experiences related to the topics, and selected by the organization.

Those interested in presenting posters should contact the organization via e-mail: to receive the form and information necessary to present the proposals.

Deadline for proposal presentation is 30th December.


  • Congress attendance: €90.00 (reduced rate*: €75.00).
  • Attendance + meals: €180.00 (reduced rate*: €165.00).

* reduced rate for registrations prior to 15th December 2011

Request the registration form via E-mail Registration deadline date: 31st January 2012.



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